Fort Frances Web Development - Meet the Team

Times Web Design's Website Design and Development Professionals!

Times Web Design is a locally owned web design and development business, located in Fort Frances, Ontario. Our team is a blend of passionate individuals, who's skills alllow us to do truly amazing work and provide top-knotch customer service & support to our clients.

Below, you can find out a little more about each of us as well as how to get in contact with us, as per your needs.


Cory Westover

Cory Westover - Designer & SEO Specialist

Cory has been around the block, so to speak, and is well-versed in a variety of technical arenas, but specializes in graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising. Cory has worked creating corporate IDs, concept design, and web development for over a decade with a diverse array of clients near and far.

When Cory is not working for Times Web Design, he designs passenger briefing cards for aircrafts (his own business) and spends time outdoors, on Clearwater Lake, with his wife and their two children.

Justin Newman

Justin Newman - Web Department Administrator & IT Specialist

Having studied Web Design & Development at Durham College in Oshawa, ON, Justin specializes in content management, system administration, and IT services. None of our systems are ever down for long with Justin at the helm; whether he is fixing something himself or contacting third-party affiliates, he has things up and running again before any of us know something was wrong.

When Justin is not busy working, he is an avid video, table top and D&D gamer.

Justin Newman

Alex Denby - Programmer, Amazon Web Services Administrator

Alex has studied Computer Science at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and Business Information Technology in Winnipeg, and combines that knowledge with additional skills learned on the job to facilitate our transition from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services. Prior to working here, Alex worked on websites as an independent contractor, and helped coordinate Service Canada’s relief efforts during the Fort McMurray Wildfires of 2016.

When not working, Alex has a variety of hobbies, including video games, tabletop RPG's, reading, building models, and brewing mead and beer.